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Non-profits are the heartbeat of a community, driven to make a meaningful impact. Yet, they often find themselves in a challenging landscape, striving to raise funds and awareness for their noble causes. Their aspiration is simple – to communicate their vision and the tangible good they do, in a way that resonates with supporters and funders alike.

What are the problems we face as nonprofits?

Technical Hurdles:

    • Lack of in-house technical expertise can hinder the development and maintenance of a robust online presence.
    • Difficulty in implementing online donation systems can limit fundraising opportunities.
    • Challenges in setting up and managing organizational emails and other digital tools can stifle communication and operational efficiency.

    Budget Constraints:

    • Limited financial resources can make it challenging to allocate funds for website development and digital marketing.
    • The desire to channel most funds directly into their programs often leaves little room for enhancing online visibility.
    • Costly web design services can be a deterrent, often leading to a compromise on the quality or functionality of their online platforms.

    Ineffective Storytelling:

      • Struggles in articulating their vision, mission, and the impact of their work in a compelling manner can lead to lost engagement opportunities.
      • Without a captivating online narrative, attracting donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders can become a daunting task.
      • The absence of a well-crafted digital storytelling strategy can result in a disconnection between the non-profit’s efforts and the community’s perception.

      These challenges often obscure the true impact of their work, creating a gap between efforts and recognition.

          • The inability to effectively communicate their story and showcase their impact can create a barrier to gaining support and recognition.
          • This disconnect can affect their fundraising efforts, volunteer recruitment, and overall community engagement, thus limiting their potential to create a broader impact.


          My name is

          Daniel Fuentes

          My journey began in the humble setting of a small church, where my father served as a minister with a big heart. This early experience sowed the seeds of community service in me. Later, as a teacher in a charter school and a catalyst in starting three non-profits, I saw first-hand the challenges these organizations face in carving their digital footprint. 

          With over a decade immersed in the non-profit realm, I now channel this rich blend of experience and technical expertise to help non-profits navigate the digital landscape. Through The Lion’s Plan, I offer honest, affordable web design solutions tailored to the unique needs of non-profits, helping them connect their vision to the world.


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